GT Far East Pte Ltd (Singapore)
As of 1st May 2019, Global Trade Far East(Singapore) is now also known as GT Far East Pte Ltd(Singapore).

GT Far East Pte Ltd. formerly known as Global Trade Far East Pte.Ltd. 

Established in Singapore in 2012, provides global seaborne transportation services for bulk, break bulk and project cargo shipments on chartered-in tonnage. Our cargo base portfolio comprises a wide range of commodities including sand, coal, aggregates, minerals, grains, cement, steels, concentrates and fertilizers.At the same time, we are known for our local knowledge and close client partnerships. Our worldwide reach, coupled with the agility of a small company, allows us to tailor our services to specific client needs. Through insightful strategy, rigorous operation planning and strategic alliances we have developed a transparent, dynamic platform, able to create value and offer bespoke services to our partners.We do not follow a fit for all approach, but we adjust the range and scope of our services to match the needs of each individual client.


Applying our knowledge of the shipping industry with utmost care, we pursue to maximize on returns while downgrading any risk before deciding on a Time or Voyage charter for vessels.We concentrate predominantly on the so-called ‘Handy’, ‘Handymax’,  ‘Supramax’ and ‘Panamax’ segments within the dry bulk industry, however we are also regularly involved in activities and operations within the other bulker segments.Our team of highly experienced shipping individuals will ensure that all your dry cargo chartering shall be fully accomplished with utmost quality, efficiency and privacy.We understand the dynamics of commodity trades and our input should therefore benefit the people we service. Despite our main focus being Pacific business, we still engage in many diversified trades.Having zero debt and a proven track record, we are amongst the safest counterparties in a challenged market.Please contact us for more information about our financials and references.


Our team of seasoned maritime professionals has extensive experience in dry-bulk freight trading spanning over 30 years. 

 The extensive experience and knowledge acquired over the past 30 years is fully utilized when chartering tonnage in from the market and we are always investing in close relationships with shipowners and commodity traders which enables us to offer our charterers the same level of service and flexibility.